Lost For Words

This is a poem I can not write, My brain a haze, a swirling storm,

Down, Boy!

Down, boy!Jumping up is not allowed,Disobedience in your eyes,A look in you is strangely proud,My


You are the Goblin inside my head, The one who fills my heart with dread,


The noise is louder than any sound, I can not hear, think, or speak, Knees


How much time ‘til a heart has healed? Should it always be a lengthy wait?


Sat in a bar, this solo drinker, Non-alcoholic, a cloudless thinker, Watching others party and


Away, away, leave me be, I am not what you need of me, I can

The Anxious Voice

I am the voice that isn’t you, Tainting every thought with doubt, Whispering words, all