Role Models

Hegemonic masculinity fails, Men need to tip the scales, Help boys rewrite, This story of


Food is something we all consume, And a little extra, if there’s room, But day

Ballade of Bower

Amy Bower is a pleasure to meet, A woman of passion and strong direction, She’s


Sunshine bathing all in my view, Joyful tweeting of birds in my ear, Lost in

The Phoenix

Life is a Phoenix, You are reborn tomorrow, Spread your fiery wings. By Paul Webster

Empowering Women

A woman’s no delicate flower, Doing only what people allow her, Rights need respect, Nurture


The truest love is loving yourself, Appreciate your ins and outs, Don’t put your love

Time to Talk Day

Today is Time to Talk Day, implemented by the mental health organisation Time to Change.


Does a tree wish that it bore more fruit? Or a plant long for blossoming