Time to Talk Day

Today is Time to Talk Day, implemented by the mental health organisation Time to Change. It aims to end the stigma around mental health through communication and taking the time to talk about the issues, rather than hiding them.

I was made aware of this stat by a friend who attended a conference recently where it was used as a talking point. Personally, I fiercely avoid lying because I feel that honesty is always the best policy. However, this really made me think. It made me realise that I do lie, and fairly regularly too.

I say “I’m fine” out of habit and because it’s the polite thing to respond when someone asks how I am today.

The truth is that recently I’m not fine. I’m so sad since the resurgence of the thoughts of a second child, this sadness leaves me distant and drained, I’m anxious and incredibly tired from my over-working brain, I feel guilty that it affects how I am with my family and friends. This is my current truth, but it won’t always be.

Therefore, from today when someone asks how I am, I will only say “I’m fine” when I actually mean it. Telling the truth is the key to a more open world and raising awareness of mental health. So, join me in telling people your own truth.

Just because you’re not fine, doesn’t mean you’re not you.