Away, away, leave me be,
I am not what you need of me,
I can not offer a constant mood,
Feeling mentally broken and skewed.

Away, away, at arm’s length,
I am without emotional strength,
I do not call, message or speak,
Feeling so lost, lonesome and bleak.

Away, away, with good intention,
One that I’m too scared to mention,
I push away so no one depends,
Feeling like I shouldn’t have friends.

Away, away, please don’t look,
You expect to see an open book,
I fear you seeing my mind unwell,
Feeling as if your love I’d repel.

Away, away, I’m better alone,
You don’t deserve a broken clone,
Deserving someone socially stable,
Feeling as though I’m telling a fable.

Away, away, I’m isolated,
Disconnected and agitated,
Huddled within a thickening fog,
Feeling blinded, choked by smog.

Don’t leave, don’t leave, I do need you,
More than ever, my words are true,
I didn’t mean to leave you neglected,
Feeling ignored or disrespected.

Don’t leave, don’t leave, I miss you so,
This isn’t me, I want you to know,
I did not mean to disappear,
Feeling lost, in anxious fear.

Together, together, people are love,
In mental battles, they offer a dove,
Keep them close, share and converse,
Feeling connected, the fog will disperse.

By Paul Webster