Carrying You

I put on the sling and slide you in;
This is where our adventure will begin.

I give you your taggies, or chosen toy;
And off we walk, just me and my boy.

Discussing our world as it passes by;
The dogs on the ground, to the birds up high.

We sneak up on pigeons, looking daft;
Or run around, just to make you laugh.

Stopping to buy you a little treat;
Trying to feed me, as we walk down the street.

I smile at you and a trick you don’t miss;
You purse your lips and give me a kiss.

The day draws on and you cuddle in close;
This is the moment I love the most.

Your eyes are tired and nearing sleep;
You’re still and content, not making a peep.

People look at us – I want to shout aloud;
“This is my son, I’m unbearably proud.”

I feel your head against my chest;
The sling becoming a dreamy nest.

The sound of your breathing, soft and deep;
To tuck you in, my hands carefully creep.

When you’re cosy in that woven bed;
I take a moment to kiss your head.

At that point I breathe in slow;
My heart begins to swell and grow.

Unable to contain the love it can hold;
For someone more precious than silver or gold.

Remembering our journey to get you here;
Full of worry, unconfidence and fear.

But looking down at this little boy;
The fear and worry were replaced with joy.

I’ve slung you from just 6 months old;
Keeping you safe and out of the cold.

As you’ve grown, so have I;
Changing how I carry and why.

Originally to gain parental control;
To give me confidence in my fatherly role.

Now a way to develop our bond;
Whilst ensuring you don’t attempt to abscond.

A curious toddler, now rarely worn;
Leaving me emotionally torn.

Happy I have raised a confident son;
But our slinging days will soon be done.

I’m grateful for the times we’ve shared;
Whatever comes at us, we’ll be prepared.

Our relationship stronger than anything;
And this is thanks to our time in the sling.

I’m excited for your future and the man you will be;
The places you will go and the sights you will see.

As we grow old and however far apart;
I will always carry you – in my heart.

By Paul Webster