The School of Life

When you enter this world of joy and strife;
You become enrolled in The School of Life.

Into constant learning you are hurled;
Your mind developing, becoming unfurled.

Carefully examining the sights above;
Memorising the faces of the parents you love.

Not always so simple, soon feat after feat;
The first piece of homework, learning to eat.

From throwing your food all over the wall;
To developing movement, a roll and a crawl.

A crawl to a walk, a walk to a run;
A lot already, but you’re still not done.

Language is next, not a coo or a shriek;
Your intentions clear from the words you speak.

The basic skills now set in stone;
Whether toddler, school age, or fully grown.

Using these skills, the first great test;
Distinguishing your personality from the rest.

Theoretical skills are put into action;
Friendships made, picking up traction.

Arguments brew and tempers flare;
“They have my toy and they won’t share.”

Early bonds are fickle, breaking your heart;
Ending just as quickly as they start.

From these experiences you understand;
Sometimes things don’t go as planned.

As you grow and into your teens;
Things still black and white, no in-betweens.

“It’s so unfair!” You loudly yell;
Your brain lost in an adolescent spell.

How can adults be so cruel?;
Treating you like a child and like a fool.

Maturity creeps in and the spell now clear;
Your ears open, taking time to hear.

Into your twenties, your confidence strong;
With good friends, feeling you belong.

But this is where the pressure starts;
Deciding what to do in your heart of hearts.

How do you want to spend your life?;
Should you aim for a husband or wife?

Does how much you earn dictate your worth?;
Or would you rather travel this Earth?

The stress and burden that others create;
Into a life, pressured to participate.

Settling to fill a financial hole;
But desperate to support and nourish your soul.

Searching for the partner of your dreams;
But meeting people with negative themes.

When you think you’re stuck in a rut;
Think positively, opportunity is afoot.

How to fix low emotional health?;
Ignore opinion and love yourself.

Use mistakes, make the right choices;
Choose good friends, ditch negative voices.

The School is here – every day, every week;
To help you give your life a tweak.

A happy life is the ultimate goal;
Gradually growing and making you whole.

Fred Durst’s lyrics ring loud and true;
“Life is a lesson, you learn it when you’re through.”

By Paul Webster