Every Dog Has Its Day

No matter how well it’s kept at bay;
Every Black Dog will have its day.

You try your best to hide its claws;
And its hungry teeth, in its hungry jaws.

The training has been good so far;
Learning to heel is up to par.

But wild animals are hard to predict;
Their quietness can leave you tricked.

Every so often the mood will change;
From walking calm, to running deranged.

It will bite when you least expect;
At a time that will have the most effect.

Whether with family or out with friends;
The struggle is real, the smile pretend.

These moments feel out of place;
The thick, black fur obscuring your face.

Muffling your voice, unable to explain;
The anxiety loose and off the chain.

The wound is bloody, it trickles and drips;
The dog removing crimson tooth tips.

Recoiling at once, regret in its eyes;
To both, these bites an unwanted surprise.

Dog owners know, they respond to your mood;
By letting in stress, anxiety is brewed.

The only solace is the attacks are rare;
Only briefly too much to bear.

The hound in its bed, quiet and kind;
Curled up asleep on the floor of your mind.

Your pet’s behaviour is linked to your own;
The solution to give it a happy home.

By feeding your mind with joy and fun;
No need for a battle, that’s lost or won.

A change of perspective will break new ground;
Just like a friendship, there are ups and downs.

They say that dogs are man’s best friend;
Treat them as such and relationships mend.

To live in unity, acceptance is key;
Only then will your mind be free.

So grab your dog and hold it close;
You are its friend, not a host.

An alliance to which there’s no turning back;
We howl together, as one, as a pack.

By Paul Webster