The Ups and the Downs

This is a parenting story of dual sides;
One that must be taken in your stride.

Wearing your child brings bliss and joy;
Whether man or woman, with girl or boy.

The bond it breeds is happy and strong;
Feeling that this is where they belong.

Sharing fun and laughter alike;
At home in the kitchen or out on a hike.

There are so many perks to this slinging job;
Think of the end and your heart will sob.

To miss the good times and the bad;
The things you loved and that drove you mad.

The slobbery kisses and intense squeezes;
Being covered in snot from violent sneezes.

Splitting a snack as you stop for a bit;
This moment soon drowned in crumbs and spit.

Whatever the position, you receive some flack;
Whether on your front or on your back.

Back carriers do please be aware;
As those little hands soon grab some hair.

Even on the front, is no safe place;
Grabbing every protrusion upon your face.

Hands over your eyes, it’s hard to see;
Still not blind to the steady warmth of pee.

Running to a toilet, stress levels higher;
Child on the change table, sling under the dryer.

You put them up and count a blessing or two;
It could’ve been worse, it could’ve been poo.

Persuing the shops and all is well;
Tired whining begins, clear as a bell.

The whining explodes as you walk down the street;
With a pull and a straighten, pop goes the seat.

People stare as you retrieve your kin;
Self-conciously trying to put them back in.

You get them safe, but still they leap;
Furiously waging their war on sleep.

The sling subdues the cries and wails;
As their eyes get heavy and peace prevails.

Taking some time to stop and stare;
Breathing in deep the smell of their hair.

The world slows down, worries dissipate;
You cherish each moment, before it’s too late.

No matter how hard this parenting life;
Whether single, partner, husband or wife.

With your passenger close, you’ll never want to part;
The best seat in the house, is in your heart.

By Paul Webster