The noise is louder than any sound,
I can not hear, think, or speak,
Knees hitting the hardened ground,
Calm serenity now turned bleak.

Stop it! Stop it! Please be quiet!
Let me have a moment’s peace,
I beg you to stop this mental riot,
Allow me a breath, a small release.

Frozen stiff, I can not flee,
Shackled by my mental state,
I’m pleading you to set me free,
My sanity, you will obliterate.

I clutch my head, pulling my hair,
No possible way to drown it out,
The sound too much for me to bear,
I want to cry, to scream and shout.

Why does this happen in my head?
Why do you attempt to break me so?
Positivity dangling by a thread,
All I ask, that you let me go.

I’m drowning, choking on the noise,
My brain is broken, ears bleeding,
Your voice ruins, shatters, destroys,
Self-doubt is all that you are feeding.

I can not speak, but only mumble,
Unable to share this ache inside,
I try to escape, but trip and fumble,
Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

Eventually the pain will pass,
In my head, I am all alone,
Shattered thoughts like broken glass,
The noise, a quiet undertone.

Despite the quiet, my ears ring,
A reminder that this isn’t the end,
Onto hope, I fervently cling,
As to my wounds I calmly tend.

My mind begins to slowly heal,
Positive thought will then return,
Understanding how it made me feel,
But the path to silence, I’m still to learn.

By Paul Webster