Taming The Black Chihuahua

We have already established my breed of dog;
A Chihuahua that makes some days a slog.

These days are becoming more frequent and long;
My companion increasingly wild and strong.

Jumping up at every chance;
Us moving in a despondent dance.

Can I tame this beast? I do no know;
Each day it’s stronger and continues to grow.

Unpredictability is a dangerous trait;
The burden becoming an unbearable weight.

Pinning me down under its heavy paws;
Tearing at my mind, all teeth and claws.

When finished it leaves my damaged remains;
Bleeding from psychological veins.

My Chihuahua I thought was adult size;
But in fact, an adolescent in disguise.

The more it feeds, the larger it gets;
A creature feasting on my regrets.

My biggest regret and pain in life;
Is allowing the hound to bark at my wife.

My face a mask to hide its growl;
So my spouse sees a husband, angry and foul.

Now a shadow of my former self;
No longer recognising my mental health.

Sometimes it feels like I’m hollow within;
Replaced by the dog, wearing my skin.

It frequently invades my personal space;
Obscuring any view, but its woeful face.

Playing with my self-esteem like a bone;
More anxious in public and longing for home.

Beginning to affect every facet of me;
I don’t want to forget who I’m meant to be.

Not just at home, even at work it’s near;
Occasionally distant and my thoughts unclear.

It’s time I enlisted professional help;
To turn the bark into a yelp.

The idea that this mongrel could learn to heel;
Seems like a dream, that I’d love to be real.

So despite how scared I am to share;
And the fear of talking, seems a lot to bear.

Discussing problems is the best way to mend;
And to understand the anxiety trend.

Anything to aid with canine control;
To withstand its attack, and help me be whole.

The Chihuahua needs a crate or a pen;
So I can be Paul Webster again.

By Paul Webster