Sailing the Relation-Ship

Here in the harbour, a single man sits;
Carefree and from boat to boat he flits.

Drinking until the morning light;
Meeting new people the very next night.

This goes on ’til he finds ‘the one’;
A shipmate who is second to none.

They set off to sail the clear, calm sea;
On a boat representing ‘us’, not ‘me’.

The vessel made from firm, new wood;
Resisting each wave and preventing a flood.

Their maiden voyage full of laughter and fun;
Laying on deck in the midday sun.

After some time our couple soon learn;
That eventually the weather can turn.

The clouds become dark and dripping with rain;
Tears falling and full of pain.

Waves lapping at the starboard side,
Swollen from the tears the clouds had cried.

An obstacle appears and their route it blocks;
The ship traversing through jagged rocks.

The rocks there to test their nautical skills;
Causing fights to flair in a battle of wills.

Not working together, the rocks they hit;
All their work undone and skills forfeit.

Finding land they dock their ship;
To see the damage from the unfortunate slip.

They grab some tools and begin their graft;
Nailing on planks from the bow to the aft.

The sound of their work heard through the night;
Ensuring the craft is sealed up tight.

Come the morning it’s as good as new;
But lessons have been learned by this crew of two.

And now it comes as no surprise;
There are always lows to accompany the highs.

A relationship, just like a boat;
Regular maintenance keeps it afloat.

Communication will save you from strife;
Whether you’re partners, or husband and wife.

The moral of this tale? Team work is key;
So can a successful voyage be shared at sea.

By Paul Webster