A Pogonophile’s Love

Starting a beard is like planning a child;
Shaving day is calm and mild.

As soon as the hair is born to the world;
Into responsibility you are hurled.

Making sure it is healthy and strong;
So one day it will grow thick and long.

The moment you see the grains of stubble;
There’s more than just you in your personal bubble.

Just like a baby, at first it is tough;
Making you look untidy and rough.

But as it grows your confidence soars;
Feeling the strength sprouting from your pores.

Soon you reach a difficult place;
When the ‘itchy stage’ takes over your face.

But have no fear, it does not last;
Just like your baby, it soon grows fast.

Then you reach the medium beard;
When personal care becomes more weird.

Buying products that were previously unknown;
Filling up shelves, taking over your home.

Like beard shampoo, oil and wax;
Make you smell and feel great, those are the facts.

A daily routine of nurturing and care;
Is something that with a parent you share.

Without this passion it would not thrive;
A child and a beard need love to survive.

So, don’t feel scruffy and do not hide;
Wear your bushy beard with pride.

By Paul Webster