Carrying a Heavy Heart

I started a broken, mental wreck,
Trapped in a deep, dark parenting hole,
Carrying you, brought hope and light,
Giving me purpose, my fatherly role.

We travelled together from half a year,
Acquainting ourselves and moving as one,
Sharing contact, physical and mental,
Our relationship growing, second to none.

The times we shared and sights we saw,
Laughter roared and tears were cried,
Assorted emotions, deep and true,
Each corner of my heart, opened wide.

We stood through sniggers and sideways glances,
Every pointing finger and unkind word,
Protected behind a woven shield,
Your beautiful voice, was all I heard.

Growth brings change and independence,
Finding your feet and knowing yourself,
Making decisions to walk or run,
The slings unwanted, on the shelf.

Days turned to months, months to years,
Now you’re five and growing fast,
Your stages savoured and memories made,
Knowing each carry, could be our last.

Watching you bloom, develop and flourish,
In awe of how you’ve come so far,
You’re my triumph and greatest achievement,
I’m incredibly proud of the person you are.

Having you close, changed who I am,
With you I became the very best me,
For all this, I can’t thank you enough,
I hope I’m the dad you need me to be.

Bidding the slings a fond farewell,
No longer feeling bitter sweet,
The fabric now a scarf or tie,
But I carry you still, in each heart beat.

By Paul Webster