A Good Man

What are the qualities that make a man ‘good’?;
Is it to act in a way that he should?

Movies tell us that good men are strong;
To be sexy and edgy is where they belong.

A wild lover and frantic in bed;
An image that modern literature has fed.

Songs will sing that men should be heroes;
Their lover supported and protected from foes.

Some would say he is good with tools;
Maybe this is how he abides by the rules?

If romance is dead and gone away;
Then a thoughtful man, is a ‘keeper’ they say.

The list above seems an epic task;
A little too much for anyone to ask.

The pressure to meet this unreasonable need;
Is a stressful life for any to lead.

Here is an idea I wish to tender,
Good or bad does not link to gender.

Being courteous to others whenever you can;
A human virtue, whether woman or man.

Stereotypes only serve to interfere;
Becoming the message that everyone will hear.

So, how do we alter the way people relate?;
And open this rigid stereotype gate.

Preconceptions not just on men;
Women trapped too, in a separate pen.

Both expected to fit and conform;
To what society sees as the norm.

There is a way to change this view;
And rearrange the unjustified skew.

A way to see the good from the bad;
And make the most of the life that we’ve had.

Live in a way that makes you proud;
Ignoring comments from the crowd.

Be kind to others and treat them right;
Offer your help in times of plight.

Support your friends through thick and thin;
As if they were your blood and kin.

Acts of kindness will always transcend;
And be remembered until the end.

Live with manners and in a way that reflects;
A respect for people, regardless of sex.

By Paul Webster